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Virginia E. George Chapter 7 Trustee

Chapter 7 Trustees

A Chapter 7 Trustee is committed to excellence in the administration of bankruptcy cases and to
carry out all duties with the utmost integrity, diligence, and professionalism. Parties are entitled
to service that adheres to the highest standards of professional, moral, and ethical conduct. As a
fiduciary, a Trustee occupies a significant position of trust and responsibility and is accountable
to all in the bankruptcy system and the public at large.

National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees, Canon of Ethics

To debtor’s attorneys: Please log in to and upload your pay stubs, tax returns, car titles, mortgages, bank statements..

If you need to know what day your 341 meeting of creditors is please call the clerk of the bankruptcy clerk at 297-3291 and hit 00 to speak with a clerk, or phone our office at 414 332-3211.