Law Office of Virginia E. George, S.C.

My career started in 1988 as a civil litigation attorney. In 1999, I shifted my focus exclusively to creditor/debtor law including Bankruptcy, Receivership and Chapter 7 Trustee work. I have 3 solid practice areas. I am a chapter 7 panel trustee, receiver and bankruptcy attorney. Take a look below to find out more.

Panel Trustee

As a chapter 7 trustee I serve on the 13 member panel for the Eastern District of Wisconsin and receive chapter 7 case assignments from the Department of Justice, Office of the United States Trustee. I review documents and preside at the meeting of creditors. I administer the oath to the debtor and then question the debtor to determine if the debtor has assets which are not exempt. If the debtor has assets which are not exempt I obtain the assets, usually via a settlement with the debtor, a public auction, a private sale or by filing suit in the bankruptcy court. After the case is settled and I have collected all the available assets I prepare reports, give notice to creditors and disburse the money to allowed claims. I also provide information to creditors and other parties in interest.


As a Receiver I have served in State and Federal Court as the receiver for the lender and for the creditors. I safeguard the business assets, collect accounts receivable, monitor and pay accounts payable, plan and implement budgets and ultimately wind up or sell the business. I have worked on manufacturing and health care entities most recently as the receiver in Federal Court for a 196 bed skilled nursing home. As receiver I negotiate with, employees, vendors, lenders, the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue and other state and federal agencies to facilitate the wind up or sale of the business. I am bonded and fully insured.

Bankruptcy Attorney; Representing Creditors, Trustees, and Debtors

As a bankruptcy attorney I wear several different hats. I regularly represent debtors and businesses in bankruptcy cases. I prepare the bankruptcy petition, schedules, means test and statement of financial affairs and appear as attorney for the debtor or creditor at the 341 meeting of creditors. As a bankruptcy attorney I am a “debt relief agency” and counsel people on filing for bankruptcy protection.”

I represent creditors, debtors and trustees, in bankruptcy adversary proceedings, preference actions, fraudulent conveyance actions, lien avoidance, and discharge cases. 

If you would like more information give my office a call at (414) 332-3211 or send me an email. My formal curriculum vitae is attached shown on the Resume tab.